Twin turbo N54 E92 using xona rotor x2c housing turbos

Here is a quick view of the intercooler, and over sized oil cooler we put together for the e92. This set up allowed us to run a full size, non stepped intercooler. The core is a vibrant performance 24x12x4.5in bar and plate core. We chose this core to support the twin kit, and it's full potential of 1100+ WHP. 


The intake manifold is quite unique compared to anything on the market for the N54 platform. It features dual plenums, one to route air in, and the second to provide runners with air. The reason behind this is to allow all six cylinders to evenly receive air, and keep both banks running the same air fuel ratios with no lean cylinders. Internally there is velocity stacks. After this was built, We added injectors on the top side of the manifold to keep the valves cool. 

This is an initial mock up photo as the kit was being developed. Garrett G25 units were used. We planned on using them but after looking at the turbine wheel aerodynamics I decided it wasn't a good fit. We reached out to Xona Rotor and decided to have a custom set of turbos built around our needs. The Xona turbine wheels were a great match with the engines exhaust flow. The new UHF wheel allows for lower rotational mass, and also allows for high flowing exhaust to escape quickly to reduce drive pressure at full throttle. 

Final product before being stuffed into the engine compartment! 




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